Layout of Ports for PDMS microfluidic Devices

 Standardization of microfluidic chips is accepted as important as the cost of chips and high-throughput analysis.




 Microfluidics as a novel technology, today it is at initial steps and needs standardization. The chips and microchannels, all have a standard layout of ports which is both suitable for various top-side connectors and multi-pipettes.




Glass base (blue)

76000 x 26000 microns

PDMS chip (green)

73000 x 25000 microns

Ports inlet/outlets (red)

Circular with 2000 microns of diameter

The pitch between port centers (white)

3000 microns

Pitch between PDMS edge to port center (white)

3500 microns

Number of ports on the short side

7 ports

Number of ports on the long side

23 ports